Classic, forever

We won’t say that a coated blade is the perfect option for you because each individual player has their own skating style and different feelings about it when they’re on the ice, even if the players are the same height, weight and build.

All blades made by us at MASSIVE BLADE are STRONGER & HARDER due to our special manufacturing process. This enables us to get a uniformity in the steel’s grain structure that makes it TOUGHER than the blades you’ve used in the past,

We call this our CLASSIC blade.


Material: Stainless Steel
Blade Radius: 11′ (3.35 meter)
Height: 20㎜
Thickness: 2.8±0.02㎜, 2.9±0.02㎜
Hardness: 56.5±0.5 HRC
Surface Coating: n/a
Surface Hardness: 450~650 HV
Coat Thickness: n/a


  • HOLDER: B1 – baue* skater old
    B2 – baue* skater new
    BG13 – baue* goalie old 3㎜
    BG14 – baue* goalie old 4㎜
    BG23 – baue* goalie new 3㎜
    C1 – cc* skater old
    C2 – cc* skater new
    CG14 – cc* goalie old 4㎜
    CG24 – cc* goalie new 4㎜
  • COAT: 01 – CLASSIC
    04 – TITANIUM
    09 – DLC²
  • SIZE: Depends on the holder size
  • HEIGHT: 20㎜(skater)
  • RADIUS: 11ft(3,352㎜)